Google is cutting Android access for Huawei / Honor Mobiles?

Huawei vs google

According to the latest story broken by US media, Google has suspended all business with Huawei-China that means no transfer of hardware, software, technical support, and all services.

This is actually happening because on May 15 the Trump government stunned the tech world by effectively banning Huawei from doing business with US companies. In this not only Google even other tech giants like Microsoft, Qualcomm and Intel, reportedly cutting their businesses with Huawei.


Google announces that they will suspend their technical support to upcoming versions of Huawei’s phones they no longer get access to Google’s Play Store app marketplace and other services including YouTube and Gmail.

Those who are currently using HONOR mobiles (sub-brand of Huawei ) don’t need to worry for now because this decision will not going to effect you.

Blacklisting of Huawei by the US government will not only affect the Huawei but other tech companies in the US also because Huawei is one of the biggest hardware manufacturers in the world. US govt. blacklisted Huawei because of serious security concerns and this blacklisting might soak some other tech giants from China for this particular concern.

But if the concern is predatory behavior by Chinese companies, there are lots of other outfits that could be exposed. The same Corning glass that’s shipped to Huawei is being shipped to Xiaomi, the same Intel processor in Huawei’s MateBook is in lots of Lenovo laptops, too. The question is how far the White House wants to push its case and how China will respond .

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