You have been Training AI for free ? Read how …

Yes, you are a part of AI training program and helping AI system to work even smarter.

Occasionally you’ll be prompted with a “Captcha” when filling out a form on the internet, to prove that you’re real human? But that’s not all, behind the scenes you have been helping figure out things that traditional computing just can’t manage, and in the process you’ve been helping to train AI systems . Google has a most popular Captcha System – Google’s Recaptcha. Now you know how much you are helping google .

Now lets know more about Captcha and Google AI Program .

These captcha helps in image recognition capabilities of the sytems

Its Origin

Recaptcha (or “reCATCHA” if you prefer) started out as a collaboration by a number of computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, first released in 2007 – and it was quickly snaffled up by Google in 2009. The premise was as described above: by attaching users who need to prove they are human to data that needs transcribing, both sides get something out of it.

How Google Used it


So instead of digitizing books by having one person carry out the very boring task of typing or checking a whole book manually, instead millions of people can unknowingly collaborate to achieve the same goal. Remember how it always used to be two words you had to enter? Originally, only one was the “real” test, and the other was a new word that was yet to be transcribed – but as the user you wouldn’t know which was which, so you’d have to attempt to do both accurately.

Recaptcha can even check its own work. By showing the same words to multiple users, it can automatically verify that a word has been transcribed correctly by comparing multiple attempts from multiple users across the internet.

Amazingly by 2011 Recaptcha had finished digitizing the entire Google Books archive – as well as 13 million articles from the New York Times catalogue dating back to 1851. Isn’t that cool how they achieve it .

So what did Google do next, with no books left to digitize? With the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning they quickly switched to different machine learning models and provide a captcha with snippets of photos from Google Street View – making users transcribe door numbers and other signage. And in 2014, the system became all about training AI.


Now instead of simply throwing up some text, Recaptcha is giving users more image-related tasks: “Click all of the images of cats”, “Click all of the boxes on the grid overlaying an image that contain a cat”, and so on. For thousands of different objects. 

Google has countless reasons to want to train AI to recognize objects in images: better Google Image Search results, more accurate Google Maps results, and enabling you to search your Google Photos library for all of the photos you have taken of a specific object or place. Oh, and the small matter of making sure that your driver-less car doesn’t hit anything. You know when Recaptcha asks you to identify street signs? Essentially you’re playing a very small role in piloting a driver less car somewhere, at some point in the FUTURE

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